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Zepto, a renowned e-commerce platform, specializes in delivering groceries within 10 minutes. Operating in major cities across India, Zepto is rapidly expanding its services to additional cities. With an extensive product selection, the platform caters to diverse areas within cities. Renowned for its swift service, comprehensive product range, and widespread civic coverage, Zepto has gained the trust of both investors and customers, establishing itself as a reliable and dependable company. The specific task at hand was to redesign their app and iconography.


Our primary challenge was crafting an interface that not only captivated and delighted users but also maintained high levels of intuitiveness and usability through a clean architecture. Ensuring swift discoverability of crucial features was paramount. This involved strategically utilizing UI elements with intentional design to make options clear and easily accessible across the entire app, promoting seamless navigation. An essential aspect was revamping the interface to establish distinctiveness and memorability compared to competitors. Lastly, we focused on creating an Information Architecture (IA) that offered flexibility to adapt to user needs and behavior while scaling to meet their evolving business goals.

Approach: Our team embraced an iterative design process, allowing flexibility for ideation and improvement during design iterations. We continuously generated new designs, validated them with the target audience, and refined them based on feedback. Understanding user problems and pain points, we conducted design collaboration sessions to craft potential solutions. Prototyping played a key role in testing and refining these solutions. After several iterations incorporating feedback, we transitioned to high-fidelity designs, incorporating UI elements such as typography, illustrations, and animations. To streamline user flows and navigation, we developed a roadmap, defining hierarchy and navigation structures for organizing content based on importance.

Outcome: The leadership at Zepto expressed strong approval of our app redesign, acknowledging our creative illustration, ideation, and execution of iconography. Meeting their expectations in a timely manner, we contributed to Zepto achieving its end goals. Our fresh and innovative design significantly enhanced the discoverability of new products, resulting in heightened customer engagement and increased revenue.

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