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PlumHQ, headquartered in Bengaluru, specializes in delivering and tailoring group health insurance and wellness plans for both large corporations and startups. Their services encompass obtaining insurance at competitive premium rates, personalizing plans to align with employee requirements, and more. Plum aims to establish a robust foundation for cultivating enduring direct-to-employee relationships, focusing on the sale of innovative D2E products and engaging employees through wellness-centric value propositions.


To create a highly intuitive and user-friendly app with seamless guidance throughout the process. The final interface needed to be delightful, incorporating all essential features while ensuring easy discoverability. Addressing this challenge required effective teamwork and rigorous ideation, and we successfully navigated through it.

We created comprehensive design standards, ensuring consistency across the app's UI elements. The style guide covered typography, color palette, buttons, fonts, icons, illustrations, and reusable components, fostering a user-friendly and adaptable interface. Following a user-centric approach, we addressed pain points, crafted customer journey maps, and mapped user flows. Through iterative phases, we converted wireframes into high-fidelity prototypes, delivering a seamless and visually appealing experience. The outcome is a consistent UI, improved UX, and a robust set of design standards, offering Plum users a comprehensive health benefits experience, from managing claims to accessing wellness content—all contributing to holistic well-being.

The ultimate design of the app is sleek and minimal, ensuring effortless navigation and highlighting the core features. Our iterative approach prevented unnecessary delays in delivery and received commendation from Plum HQ leadership. Our deliverables were met with much appreciation and encouragement.

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