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Here's a project that holds a special place in our hearts: On Women's Day, Groww envisioned an inspirational video illustrating women and their journey to financial freedom in relatable yet compelling ways. The aim was to gather testimonials from Groww users, portraying a wholesome narrative that instills confidence and financial savvy in women entering the markets. The focus was on showcasing how women, starting their investment journey with Groww, experienced personal and financial growth. To bring this vision to life, we produced an ad film featuring women of diverse ages and professions, capturing their spontaneous and unscripted responses to on-the-spot investment questions. The authenticity of the video, coupled with the simplicity of the person-to-camera setup, resulted in an exceptionally impactful campaign that garnered 3.4K views on YouTube, 88.4K views on Instagram, with 6 women sharing the story of over 9 lakh women who joined Groww in 2021.

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