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Agriculture stands as the predominant economic activity in Africa, employing two-thirds of the continent's workforce. Despite its significance, only 23% of Africa's gross domestic product is derived from agriculture, indicating notable efficiency gaps and productivity losses due to various operational challenges. Recognizing these challenges, the company opted to develop a highly integrated SaaS dashboard. This tool aims to reduce manual labor, optimize operations, and ultimately enhance agricultural yield.


This project posed three main challenges. Firstly, the design needed to cater not only to farmers but also to farm managers and owners overseeing multiple farms. Secondly, it was crucial to acknowledge the farmers' deep respect for traditional methods and processes. Lastly, considerations had to be made for the fact that these farmers often worked in areas with low network coverage (2G) and utilized early-generation smartphones.

Our approach began with the company presenting us with rudimentary wireframes crafted by their non-design team. To navigate this, we formulated a design strategy outlining our research and design methodology. Subsequently, we developed an agile product roadmap to effectively prioritize and collaborate throughout the project. Early on, we recognized the need for an in-depth understanding of not only the farmers' on-farm activities but also their time away. Despite the challenge posed by the onset of Covid, we conducted virtual interviews with approximately 15 farmers over a span of two weeks to grasp their day-to-day farming practices and overall lifestyle. Building upon these insights, we crafted a product designed to utilize AI strategically, aiming to enhance the farming experience and bring the farm management to their fingertips.

The UX/UI design of the farm management system embraced a card layout, ensuring a customizable and scalable experience for diverse user functions. The initial version prioritized simplicity to serve as an extension of existing farming tools, promoting quick adoption and higher engagement. Utilizing earthy tones and illustrations, the design successfully communicated data, resulting in a well-validated and user-friendly system. Real-time plant monitoring, powered by AI-driven sensors, predicted essential data such as nutrient levels, soil status, and harvest dates. The user-friendly dashboard allowed farmers to monitor and receive real-time alerts, minimizing food wastage through preventive measures. Streamlining daily management processes replaced traditional reporting, providing actionable insights for farm managers to optimize output. The dashboard also facilitated easy communication between farmers and support staff, fostering trust and reducing crop spoilage through timely expert interventions.

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