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Futuroot is a cloud-based platform for intelligent business processes that transforms your business process data into actionable insights, significantly accelerating your business transformation. The website's main goal was to enhance lead conversions and minimize the bounce rate. Additionally, specific objectives included increasing session duration per visit to 6-7 minutes for new users and boosting session duration to 12-15 minutes for existing users.


The visual design adopts a clean and minimalist approach, prioritizing content and enhancing the page's visual elements and brand. The color palette and subtle UI elements convey simplicity and friendliness, making the landing page more engaging and aesthetically appealing to students.

Through thorough design research, we defined a color space and crafted a visual language tailored to set Futuroot apart in the market, facilitating visual recall and building brand awareness. Our extensive UX audit and research played a pivotal role in transforming Futuroot's approach to user experience on their website. Despite their product focus, the brand had overlooked the importance of prioritizing the website's user experience until our intervention. The new visual identity and website design are supported by a set of user-friendly guidelines that we provided to Futuroot's marketing team, empowering them to effectively use the brand in their communication without requiring daily support from an agency.

Live Website: https://futuroot-site.webflow.io/

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