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A platform catering to creative professionals collaborating with brands to boost media consumption, with the goal of establishing a financial ecosystem for creators. Additionally, an invoicing application enabling freelancers to receive payment for their invoices within 24 hours.


Creative professionals and freelancers often face challenges in receiving timely payments, requiring a system to manage pending payments and focus on upcoming projects. Fangel emerged from the necessity of millennials, freelancers, and digital entrepreneurs to manage finances, control cash flow, and expand their professional network. With the increasing prevalence of remote and flexible work, Fangel addresses the critical need for a tool to support freelancers in maintaining a freelance-centric career and exploring non-traditional career paths.

Fangel embraces a minimalistic design language and a green color palette, drawing inspiration from folded paper and envelopes. This aesthetic mirrors the brand's core values of speed, cost-effectiveness, and a forward-looking approach to technology. The logo, with its simplicity and elegance, encapsulates Fangel's mission of offering users a smooth and effortless payment experience.

As an easy, seamless, and cost-effective app, Fangel stands out as a professional solution for freelancers and digital entrepreneurs. It has the potential to revolutionize financial management by making payments quick and hassle-free. Entrepreneurs seeking to innovate in the industry can find inspiration in Fangel's future-oriented brand language and its commitment to providing a cost-effective solution for financial transactions.

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