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Eduvanz, a prominent fintech Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), empowers young learners by removing financial obstacles on their path to discovering career goals. Backed by $30 million in funding from Sequoia, the company sought to introduce a credit card to the youth, enabling them to attain financial freedom early in their lives.


Despite India having the world's largest under-24 population, the percentage of young borrowers is low. According to TransUnion CIBIL, out of 609 million Indians under 24, only 9 million are "credit active." The reluctance to avail credit cards stems from apprehension and minimal financial literacy. To build a successful product, understanding the behaviors of the target audience in relation to their daily lives, finances, and technology was essential. Motivating and engaging Gen Z, who differ significantly from millennials, posed an additional challenge. Innovation and differentiation were crucial in a competitive landscape, requiring constant efforts to stand out and retain users.

Approach: Our objective was clear—to develop a data-driven platform with a deep understanding of the financial ecosystem and user expectations. Forming a team that mirrored the target audience's lifestyles, we delved into intensive research to identify various personas and lifestyles. Personalization became a key focus, centered around cashbacks, community, and comfort. In UX-UI design, trust was paramount, leading to the creation of a micro-site and an app. The color palette and design elements were tailored for Gen Z, incorporating custom cards, illustrations, and 3D art. A sans serif typeface ensured scalability and clarity in conveying the brand's prowess.

UX writing played a crucial role, establishing a distinct brand voice personified as reliable, spontaneous, fun, and lover of premium experiences. The platform simplified monetary transactions through UPI payments on credit and 0% EMI on medical bills. To foster good financial habits, the platform offered insights into monthly and weekly expenditures, allowing users to set spending limits and receive overspending notifications. An exclusive community was created to provide Gen Z with a sense of belonging, offering access to tailored events and parties. Gamification was employed to enhance retention, with rewards tied to user engagement and specific games offering enticing prizes, such as iPhones, based on earned points.

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