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Elan, an Indian hand-crafted lifestyle accessories brand, offers a curated range of leather products, spanning wallets, cardholders, key pouches, and more. The key objective driving the redesign of the Elan website was to enhance the brand's image as a premium and high-quality provider, ultimately increasing online sales. In tandem, the focus was on educating customers, fostering trust, highlighting unique selling points, and simplifying the purchasing process.


Faced with the challenge of enhancing Elan's online presence, we overhauled the UX strategy and refined the brand personality of the website. This transformation not only strengthened their online presence but also contributed to a sustained increase in sales.

Elan, catering to personal lifestyle needs, showcased a diverse product range on its e-commerce platform, covering categories like Office and Travel. The design focus aimed to deliver a responsive, SEO-friendly, and user-centric website, promoting seamless navigation and quick interactions while establishing a premium brand presence for lasting customer recall.

To meet time constraints, a Sprint approach guided the development of a robust UX strategy. Emphasizing simplicity and adhering to Hick’s law of UX, an analysis of the existing e-commerce site informed the implementation of the ACID methodology. This approach streamlined the user journey, ensuring an intuitive and friendly navigation experience. The resulting visual identity and design guidelines empowered Elan's marketing team to effectively communicate the brand without the need for constant agency support.

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