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EasyA, a London-based company, offers a unique and modern approach to mathematical learning through on-demand 1:1 math tutoring. Founded by two Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates, EasyA allows students to connect with tutors by snapping a photo of their math question, ensuring timely assistance for exam success.


We embarked on designing an appealing EasyA app by thoroughly understanding the product and user pain points. Researching the challenges users face with tutor-student apps was critical for success. We ensured a comprehensive understanding of app-specific flows, presenting relevant information on app screens. Designing for student-friendliness, targeting children and young adults, our goal was to create an interactive, standout app with responsiveness across all devices while effectively communicating EasyA's brand identity and ideals. Delivering World-Class Tutoring with Redefined User Experience: Our aim was to bridge the gap between students and quality tutoring, envisioning EasyA as an accessible and enjoyable educational platform. Starting with an MVP, we identified key features for quick, valuable learning experiences. Enhancing visual identity with engaging typography and a clean interface featuring friendly colors, our strategic design resulted in an intuitive, engaging app that genuinely supports students.

We prioritized a user-friendly home screen, established trust through the tutor profile page, and enhanced subject exploration with search and activity tabs. Subject recaps, instant feedback, and a built-in whiteboard brought the classroom experience to students' devices. The feedback system ensured continuous improvement, making the EasyA app responsive to users' needs. It received praise for its student-centric workflows and appealing design.

Additionally, we focused on optimizing key app sections, ensuring a trustworthy tutor profile page, and enhancing subject exploration, creating an interactive and comfortable learning experience for math help.

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