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The art of pickle making in India transcends tradition; it's an art form. &Pickles, a family-owned pickle company, takes pride in crafting preservative-free pickles made with love. Originating from Punjab in the early 1930s, &Pickles' products represent a blend of spices and freshly sourced ingredients, crafted with finesse and affection. The flavors and aroma evoke nostalgic memories of savoring pickles stored in classic brown and white martabans, thoughtfully arranged in the kitchens by the elder women of the house.


The branding for &Pickles draws inspiration from Punjab's rich heritage in picklemaking. Our custom logo typeface embodies the vibrancy and artistry inherent in the lengthy process of crafting homemade pickles and savory snacks. Engaging in conversations with the &Pickles team, we discovered that every step is a family affair, often taking place in their lively living room. The signature illustration reflects this familial atmosphere with a minimal, classic, black-and-white, Mario-Miranda inspired style that delicately captures the essence of pickle making—an artful tradition. Despite the challenge of representing four generations of the Sundra household, the illustration vividly portrays a vibrant family, frozen in a moment of laughter and life amid the pickles.

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